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C&P Electric Engineers

About Us

The Organization was established in 2011. C&P is working in the field of engineering for powering up of industries and infrastructure. As a result of hard work and continuous improvement,timely delivery and meeting customized design requirement. C&P Electric Engineers is in the field of Electrical Projects (Cable Laying, electrical equipment installation, commissioning, Earthing, Office lighting, shed lighting, street lighting, cable repair etc.), Solar Power Projects and Electrical utility with its complete range of custom built electrical control panels, Power panels, Busducts and Electrical Project Works. The product portfolio also consists of allied items i.e. bus ducts, control panels, MCC, PCC, PMCC, PDB, MLDB, IMCC, PBS, JB, drive & PLC panels etc. Design and produce drawings for client approval.

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Our Services

Manufacturing Control Panel

All type of Control Panel, Bus Duct, Rising Mains.

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Electrical Projects

Cable Laying, Over Head Line, All kind Electrical Equipment Installation, Earthing, etc.

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Earthing& Power Quality

Electric power quality, or simply power quality, involves voltage, frequency, and waveform.

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Solar Plant Project

Installing renew able energy plant for industrial domestic and institutional application.

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Electrical Material Supply

All kind Electrical Equipment’s, Cables, Cable Try, Earthing material, Terminals, Cable Joints.

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Maintenance / AMC

Tramsformers, ACB, VCB, HT/LT Panels, CT /PT/Starters and Transformer Dehydration etc.

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